Level Up: Why Instagram Shopping Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

I’d say that Instagram is where I see most products I want to buy. “I love her jeans!” “What is that thing? Because the coffee that came from it looks delicious!” “I don’t know where he got that camera…but I need one… and that hat he’s wearing!”

Back in the day (you know… practically 2 minutes ago…) when you saw something you wanted on Instagram, you’d have to hope that they mentioned it in their caption, or the logo was visible, then Google it, and hope even harder that the company had a website, and if they did, that the photo wasn’t from 2 years ago and you could snag your own!

Instagram Shopping

Those days are OVER! I’m sure you’ve seen somewhere on your feed those sponsored posts. At first we all thought they were a bit annoying… but man were they effective! Especially if you own a business yourself.

Companies can now post on their feed or in their stories with tagged products, links to their websites, and “swipe-up to see more” features. Instagram tells us directly how easy it is: “Shopping gives people quick access to product pricing and details. After tapping on a product tag in feed or product sticker in stories, people are taken to a product description page on Instagram. From there, they can tap “View on Website” and go directly to this product’s page on your mobile site to make a purchase. They can also continue browsing other products you have featured in shopping posts or stories from the Instagram product description page.” (https://business.instagram.com/a/shopping-on-instagram)

Word on the street is Instagram is working on a standalone app for online shopping…

Instagram ShoppingThe Verge tells us, “Four in five Instagram users follow at least one business. Creating a standalone app would allow the company to provide a dedicated home for an increasingly popular activity on Instagram while also expanding opportunities for revenue.” (https://www.theverge.com/2018/9/4/17819766/instagram-shopping-app-e-commerce)

Let’s not forget about Facebook, yet another place to put the face of your business! Easy “Shop Now” buttons to pull your customers right in to your website.

Now this is great and all for our businesses… but who has the time?! Take my advice and hire a professional! It’s our job to make sure your products look great, are easy to access, and have catchy descriptions to grab your audience’s attention. We know just what to do, and often take care of things you might miss. When you’re on the other side of the cash register (or insta-screen for that matter…) your needs are different! Let VNTech take care of it all. By hiring us, you’ll be exposed to all the latest trends in social media. We’ve got you covered on all sides and screens!