Let’s Get Down to Business: How to Properly Use Your Facebook Business Page

Social media is just that…social! But we’ve all fallen victim to the mindless scroll, or the deadly unfollow when someone blurs the line between business and personal. If business ads and articles are flooding our family timelines, or personal views are creeping into a business page when we’re just trying to find a menu, or pick the right oil company, it’s so easy to get frustrated and abandon ship. Having a personal page AND a business page is effective and can work to our advantage when we’re using them properly.

The whole point of Facebook business is to create a visible community. But, you can’t have a community if no one can reach you. Facebook allows you to categorize your business, and personalize your page accordingly. Operating hours, menus, location, and contact information all have a special easy-to-spot section of the page. Communication is key. Interested potentials, and long time customers can send private messages to your account. If you are quick to answer and be helpful, your page will let your followers know that you’ll be prompt if they do want to message you. Your follower and like numbers are easily accessible, and of course your latest posts are the first things to scroll through.

Now, none of us rely solely on a company’s word to convince us to give them their business. What do we do? We ask around, we read reviews, and look for confirmation from our trusted community. Your business page can post customer reviews alongside those ever-so pleasing star ratings. Visitors and friends can share their photos and give shout outs that you can compile into a Community page for everyone to see. Related pages, and friends of friends are displayed to increase your outreach and expand the Facebook family.

Facebook also provides Insights. You can track, in detail, how much traffic your page as a whole, and your individual posts, receives. Yearly, monthly, daily, hourly… it’s all there. At a glance you can see if you’re in the green- views, engagements, shares are up or down. If you want to boost your reach, Facebook shows you how and offers the tools to do so.

Of course, this is an overview of some of the handy tools Facebook provides. We’ll get into more detail with specific features regularly. But this leads to another question: do you have the time? Can you be focusing on all the small details while running your business? Let VNTech help. VNTech is made up of trained and experienced professionals whose sole mission is to boost your business. It’s the tiny details like what time of day you post and how it affects engagement levels, when to run ads, how to increase shares, promptly answering messages and keeping your response time high, that make a difference to your customers. Hiring someone who knows the ins and outs of Facebook can make a world of difference! We want to care for your customers just as much as you do. Check us out regularly for tips and tricks on how to make your business a success using social media.