Classic marketing and branding outlets represent just a tiny piece of what your audience is currently using. The use of social media – like Facebook, Instagram, forums to name a few – is the pulse of modern day marketing. I will help your business get in the social media market, monitor it, understand it, engage with it and do it all in real time. Before news is news, it’s being talked about in social media channels.  Your business needs to be a part of that conversation. Your business needs the power to positively influence public perception. It’s not just important for your job. It also provides significant intel that can actually assist in guiding long-term corporate strategy.

  • Responsible for developing and overseeing the execution of strategic social media and digital initiatives regarding Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc

  • Customized content to keep online community engaged and entertained.

  • Posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc and exploring new ways to leverage Social Media Outlets for business purposes

  • Timely, professional responses in REAL TIME to inquiries and comments


We use fresh customized content and tailored designs to capture your audience.

Some of the possible strategies your social media plan would include:

  • The team will develop and execute tactics that will promote growth on our social media sites — capture new audiences, invite friends, create groups, create forums, distribute new video and photography footage of brand marketing activities etc.

  • Together we will create online promotions and contests

  • Email and Content strategies

  • Keep a hand on the pulse of the industry to identify opportunities, issues, trends and features to help you stay on the leading edge

Custom LinkedIn Professional Profiles
are Our Specialty

  • Set up account profile
  • Personalize your LinkedIn feed
  • Add resume/experience
  • Craft custom content to drive the business you want your way
  • Make connections for you relevant to your field
  • Set up endorsements

Bringing your brave business to new worlds

Victoria is the consummate professional. Her instinct for creating the right mood. Her use of spot on wording is amazing. Victoria’s artistic eye in composing a shot, accenting the subject using colors and shapes never fails to delight her audience. She is easy to work with, and cares about each post as much as you do! Her skills are a winning combination and we are thrilled with her results!
Do not hesitate to reach out to VNTech. You will be glad you did!

Sandy Naptausky-Shaul

Victoria and her staff are consummate Information and Marketing technology professionals who offer the best of both cutting edge expertise and customer service. Always a pleasure to work with, Victoria has taken the lead on projects ranging from office PCI compliance through social media strategy development and execution. Highly recommend!

Cindy Mattingly, Founder, Healing Way Center, LLC

We’ll take your business to the next level and show you affordable, attainable results!.